Choose from a variety of Flavors

Garlic Parmesan

White cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and garlic

Bacon Cheddar

Real cheddar with bacon cheddar seasoning


Cheddar popcorn with the perfect spice comination of rich, bold and sweet

Loaded Baked Potato

Real cheddar cheese, chives and our blend of special seasonings

Rosemary & EVOO

Savory rosemary blended with extra virgin olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt

Bleu Cheese

Rich,Bold and Savory Bleu cheese

Spicy Buffalo

Real cheddar cheese and spicy buffalo wing seasoning

Southwest Jalapeno

White cheddar popcorn, jalapeno, habanero and hint of cumin

Jalapeno Cheddar

Real cheddar cheese, jalapeno and a touch of habanero

Jalapeno Ranch

White cheddar cheese popcorn with Jalapeno ranch

Fried Pickle

Savor the combo of dill pickle mixed with Jalapeneo Ranch popcorn

Dill Pickle

White cheddar cheese and mouth-watering dill pickle seasonings

Salt & Vinegar

Salt & Vinegar seasoning blended with white cheddar cheese for an East Coast favorite

Mac N’ Cheese

Made with white and orange cheddar and then we add Parmesan and garlic seasonings

White Cheddar

Made with real white cheddar cheese

Beer Cheese

Made with rich cheddar and Barley, Malt, Hops and savory spices

Extra Cheddar

Made with real cheddar and then we add some more

Cheddar Cheese

Made with real cheddar


Blend of white cheddar popcorn and golden buttery carmel corn. Perfect mix of savory and sweet

Old Fashion Kettle

Sweet, savory and crunchy makes this one a classic

Sea Salt Caramel

Carmel corn popped with coconut oil and fine sea salt and then sprinkled with coarse sea salt

Old Fashion Caramel

Made with real butter, sugar and vanilla

Bliss Blend

Blend of cheddar cheese popcorn and golden buttery caramel corn for the perfect combination

Low Salt

Classic popcorn popped in corn oil with very little salt


Classic popcorn popped in coconut oil with just the right amount of salt

Caramel Pecan

Golden buttery caramel popcorn with glazed pecans

Spicy Voodoo Peanut

Rich buttery caramel popcorn with peanuts and our spicy cajun seasonings

Puppy Chow

Golden caramel popcorn, pretzel, corn chex, creamy peanut butter, chocolate and powder sugar

Birthday Cake

Vanilla popcorn coated in birthday cake flavored creamy white chocolate and sprinkled with rain.

Castlerock Crunch

Golden buttery caramel popcorn with glazed pecans mixed with creamy milk chocolate popcorn


Vanilla popcorn blended with creamy white chocolate and double stuff Oreo cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Golden buttery caramel corn coaed in white chocolate and creamy peanut butter, then drizzled

Chocolate Drizzled

Milk and white chocolate drizzled over golden buttery caramel corn

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

Golden buttery caramel corn coated in rich dark chocolate, sprinkled with sea salt

Milk Chocolate

Golden buttery caramel corn coated in rich milk chocolate

Gluten Free Oreo

Vanilla popcorn blended with creamy white chocolate and gluten free Oreo cookies

Movie Theater Butter

Extra buttery flavored popcorn without all of the oil